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Let Me Translate For You

What's the Matter, You Don't Speak Geek?

You know the language of your business. Don't waste your time learning another language with a whole different set of 3 letter acronyms.

That's where I can help, that's what I do. For over 3 decades I've been working with computers, software, and information technology -- helping businesses embrace new technologies to grow their sales and profits.

I can help translate geek speak and advise you on the right mix of technology for your business.


Find a New Strategic Advantage

Maybe one of these describes your situation?
  • you have an established business struggling to get to the next level
  • you're a hot new startup
  • your business has been slowly declining and you need to stop the death slide

You've been looking for that strategic advantage, the missing link, the source of your problems ... but you're just too busy putting out fires and taking calls and meetings that no matter what you do, you simply can't find the time.

You know you need to make the time and find that elusive special ingredient, the magic bullet that will reward you with the success you seek.

But ..........

Minutes turn into hours

Hours turn into days,

Days turn into weeks,

Weeks turn into months.


And you're no further aheadIn fact, you're falling farther behind.

So, what's the answer?

What can you do to find your business' mojo and crank up those sales and profits?

You think you probably just need to:
  •  Make a tweak to a system,
  •  Create a new process,
  •  Purchase some new software or technology.
You've already:
  •  Tried that latest glitzy app,
  •  Bought the expensive laptop,
  •  Upgraded your phone system,
  •  Gave employees bonuses,
  •  Fired your old manager,
  •  Hired a new manager.

And still, no change.  

Now what?

Rinse and repeat??


What you really need is a fresh set of eyes!
  •  Eyes for change
  •  Eyes for effective processes
  •  Eyes for the right technology
  •  Eyes with the time and skill to train, coach, and mentor


You need someone that knows all that techy stuff and understands Geek Speak but speaks plain English.

So ...

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Don't spend another dime without a plan!

Let's talk about your situation, formulate a plan, and get you on the road to success.